“Today, Google has played a major role, but our turn will be at E3”: Phil Spencer about the announcement of Stadia

The head of the Xbox did not see any surprises at the presentation.

Insider Brad Sams released a video in which he shared a letter from Phil Spencer, circulated inside Microsoft. In it, the head of Xbox commented on the presentation of the streaming platform Stadia from Google and noted that it was “no surprises” and served as an additional incentive for the team.

We just watched the Google Stadia presentation at GDC. Their announcement is a confirmation that two years ago we chose the right path.

Today we have witnessed how a new serious competitor has appeared on the market, which has identified such necessary components for success as content, community and cloud technologies. There were no big surprises at the presentation, although I was impressed with their Wi-Fi controller, as well as how they decided to use YouTube and Google assistant.

However, I want to remind you of the work we have done, which has led us to where we are now, ready to compete for two billion players around the world. Today, Google has played a big role, and in a couple of months at E3 will be our turn.


We need to remain vigilant and continue to evolve around our consumers. We have content, community, cloud technologies and strategy. Ultimately, as I say lately, it all depends on the performance. Today only confirmed it.Phil Spencerhead of xbox

Microsoft has been working on the Project xCloud streaming service for some time. The company itself calls it “Netflix gaming” and assures that through it users will be able to run games on any device.

Earlier, Brad Sams , an insider, said that Microsoft is working on two consoles, one of which will be designed specifically for streaming games and will be weaker and cheaper than the second, more traditional model.

The future without a console: Google introduced the game streaming service Stadia 

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