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Super Real Mahjong PV temporarily removed from eShop due to explicit scenes – initial censorship was not enough

The revised version will be sent to Nintendo for review soon.

Super Real Mahjong PV came to the Switch on March 14 – this is the port of the fifth part of the series, which in 1995 was also transferred to the Sega Saturn console.

Since the game has nudity, for release on the Switch developers from Mighty Craft Co. resorted to censorship, like the one that was used in the western version of the DMC 5 on PS4 – they covered the exposed parts of the body with rays.

This, however, was not enough. Judging by some screenshots in the network, in certain scenes of the body are translucent.

As a result, Super Real Mahjong PV was temporarily removed from the eShop store until developers correct the situation. Mighty Craft Co. itself has already released astatement saying that it is preparing an updated version of the game to send it to Nintendo for review.

The authors have promised to release a patch that corrects censorship in the near future, but the timing is unknown.

Super Real Mahjong games have previously been released on Nintendo platforms. For example, Dōsōkai in 2004 was ported to the Game Boy Advance.


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