In the western version of Devil May Cry 5 on PS4 found censorship – bright rays hide the naked parts of the body

On the Xbox and PC in the same scene, everything is in order.

After the release of Devil May Cry 5, players found that the western version of the game for PS4 (also applies to Russia) is additionally zanezurena like some Japanese visual novels – bright rays appear on top of naked heroes.

Judging by the streams of different versions of games, the problem mostly concerns the PS4 and only the western region. On the Xbox One and PC, the scene with Trish shows “no cuts”.


Some players claim that there are tricks on other platforms that partially hide the naked parts of the body in other scenes, but it is not yet clear whether this can also be considered “censorship” or is it all about the creative decision of developers to partially hide the nudity in a particular moment.

PS4 – Western version

PS4 – Japan


Xbox one

Players accidentally skip cut scenes in Devil May Cry 5 due to a strange developer decision


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