“Previously, the situation was friendlier”: BioWare community manager complaining about poor communication

Anthem, according to him, will not go anywhere and will be supported.

On March 13, a big post appeared in the Anthem section of Reddit , in which the user under the nickname harishcs addressed BioWare with the question of why the developers stopped communicating with the players.

Before Anthem came out, the community repeatedly noted the activity of BioWare employees in the comments and the general “transparency” of the developers, but after the release, as harishcs noted, all this was gone.

The creator of the post also complained that BioWare began to notice minor problems instead of commenting on the really important ones and explaining how they would be corrected.

In addition, according to harishcs, developers poorly explain the changes that occur with the patches, with the result that players will learn about some of them directly in the game on their experience.

In the current state, you do not deserve the community that carries you on its shoulders. These players are civilized and respectful in their feedback. Of course, there are those who come here and bring toxicity, but you know the core of your audience and those who play every day, going through countless bugs and problems, and notifying you about them so that you can fix them.

No other company went through something like Andromeda under the leadership of a company like EA and still managed to keep a fan base that says “Do you know what? Mistakes happen, take your time and use six years to make a great game that we will wait. ”


Finally, harishcs recalled that Anthem still poorly corresponds to the genre to which it belongs – there is little loot in it, and this applies to both weapons and armor options.

Despite all this, the author of the post concluded that Anthem can still be done better, and for this, BioWare needs to communicate more openly with its audience and listen.

It’s not too late to save Anthem. With communication and timely fixes, we, as a community and developers together, can fix the game. It will probably not be the same as we imagined it, but at least we can create something worth staying.


BioWare Community Manager Answer

To clarify the situation on behalf of BioWare, the Darokaz community manager decided, but he noted that he could not say anything about some complaints, as this is not his expertise.

About communication

According to Darokaz, developers are not just becoming less active in the game section. The reason is that any of their appearance in the comments is accompanied by attacks.

Previously, the situation was friendlier for developers who usually do not communicate in social channels or forums. They could answer the question, give information, and knew that the frustrated people would not lash out at them. Why would a developer stop working on the next update for the sake of a comment if he knows that he will surely be met with hostile answers or cursed for not answering any other question?

I don’t mind posting here, but this is my job. The developers are busy with others, and I want you to remember this when you answer them. When people say “be friendly or the developers stop responding,” it’s 100% true. Be respectful and constructive in your feedback, and more developers will want to respond.


Daroka BioWare Community Manager

On the priorities for work on fixes

Darokaz explained that the developers first noted minor problems, because he, as a community manager, is much easier to pass on information about them and find out.

I notify them of major problems, but until I get an answer, I have nothing to say. Errors, like the one when the crafting materials did not fall out, I can instantly convey to the command that it corrects them.

Daroka BioWare Community Manager

About the description of patches

The community manager assured that BioWare doesn’t set any goals to hide something in the description of the patches, even if there are any changes in the game that the authors have never notified of.

The description of the patch is made at a late stage, and I am doing everything possible to make it as accurate as possible. However, sometimes during the process something is lost. And even so, I would prefer to make a detailed description with the omission of a couple of details, rather than writing a banal note with the phrase “various bug fixes and improvements”.

Daroka BioWare Community Manager

About the content and general state of the game

As explained by Daroka, BioWare is also not happy with how loot works in Anthem, and is actively discussing options for how to remedy the situation. Despite all the problems, the developers intend to support the game and are not going to abandon the assigned plans.

Anthem is not going anywhere. Do we have much work to fix the game? Yes, and the team seeks to refine it, as well as release new content.

Developers listen to everything you write and offer, including how we should communicate with the audience.

Daroka BioWare Community Manager

Overall, the community has remained quite the answer from the community manager and is hoping that BioWare will find a way out.

The developers themselves, meanwhile, refrain from commenting, but indirectly they hint that the situation is exhausting them.

I updated my profile picture to reflect how I’ve aged over the past three weeks.

Recently, players are faced with several problems at once in Anthem, such as a bug that increases the damage from abilities, if you remove all equipment from a character. One of the errors also increased the amount of rare loot falling from opponents, and when the developers fixed the problem, the community askedBioWare to “return” the bug.

Perhaps over time the situation will really get better. At least the players hope so


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