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Media: Marvel will shoot a film about martial arts master Shang Chi

This will be the company’s first picture of an Asian superhero.

Shang chi in comics

According to the portal Deadline, Marvel Studios has launched a film dedicated to Shang Chi, also known as the Master Kung Fu.

This character appeared in comic books in 1973 and was based on one of the children of Fu Manchu, the head of a criminal organization. He raised his son as a murderer, having trained him in Chinese martial arts. However, during the execution of the next task Shang-Chi realizes that his father is a villain, and rebel against him.

The hero was in the teams of the Avengers and Heroes for hire, along with Luke Cage and Iron Fist. In addition to possession of Kung Fu, this character had the ability to create their counterparts that would help him in battle.

According to media reports, Dave Callaham, known as the creator of the series “Jean-Claude Van Johnson” and the author of the first “The Expendables”, is already working on the script. He also worked on the sequels of the films “Wonder Woman” and “Welcome to Zombilend.”

Marvel plans to bring in actors and directors of Asian descent, acting in the same way as in the case of Black Panther. The approximate date of the Shang Chi movie is currently unknown.

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