Blizzard introduced the addition of “Retribution of Shadows” for Hearthstone

The release will take place on April 9th.

“Shadow Retribution” will add 135 maps to Hearthstone and a storyline of three chapters that will be released in 2019. Supplement tells about the “League of Evil”, which was organized by the warlock Rafaham, the witch Hagata, the King of the Whirling, Madame Lazul and Dr. Boom. The first chapter of the Retribution of the Shadows is called The Dalaran Heist.

The addition will also introduce into the game the type of cards “The henchmen”, the property “Doublet” – special spells, after the use of which the player makes copies of them – and the mechanics of “Crafts”. These are spells whose power gradually increases while they are with the player.


Until April 9, the supplement can be pre-ordered – the standard version includes 50 sets of maps, a Treasure Lazul shirt and a random legendary map. Its cost is 2799 rubles. A megapacket costs 4399 rubles and contains 80 sets of cards, a random gold legendary card, a Treasure Lazul shirt and the heroine Madame Lazul.

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