After 38 years in the United States, a mother who killed a baby was calculated by DNA

February 28, 1981 Lee Lietz from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, noticed a “wine-colored” blanket on the side of the road. The blanket looked new, and Litz, out of curiosity, decided to examine it. In the bundle there was a dead baby, and bloodstained clothing was found nearby. After 38 years, the owner of the clothes and the killer were tracked using DNA, writes The New York Times.

But in 1981 it was only possible to establish that the child died from hypothermia. No other clues detectives found. The child was buried, the bloody clothes were deposited, and the case was paused.

In 2009, the case was raised by Detective Webb. He achieved the exhumation of the body and a DNA examination. The remains were taken to the University of North Texas, where the DNA profile was obtained. He was sent to Parabon NanoLabs, which helps the authorities in identifying suspects and relatives. With the help of the genealogical sites, and, the detective managed to unravel the tree, which led him to 57-year-old Mrs. Bentaas, a resident of Si-Falls.

Photo: CreditMinnehaha County Jail

She said that the father of the child did not know about the pregnancy. However, like her whole family. The girl gave birth away from relatives, and the next day took the baby to the side of the road. She explained that she felt scared when she left the scene of the crime. And each time during all 38 years she remembered what had happened, passing by this place.

In the near future she will be formally charged.

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