Producer Anthem commented on reducing the likelihood of loss of loot after the patch of the first day

According to him, the chance of a drop increased by mistake, and the developers simply returned the original parameters.

Players Anthem pay attention that after the first day the patch became less likely to drop rare loot. The changes caused a big resonance on Reddit: users created several topics for discussion and managed to criticize EA for “greed and imposing grind on users”.

According to Ben Irwin, lead producer Anthem, the developers only returned theprobability of falling objects to the original parameters. He stated that one of the edits made in the patch of the first day initially increased the chance of a specific loot, so the authors had to make amendments.

One of the Friday changes we made had a side effect — an increase in the likelihood of some items falling out. This happened unintentionally. When we discovered the problem, we returned everything to its original values. This happened after 11 hours. […]


We never try to secretly make any changes, so we came [on Reddit] and clarified the situation.

Ben irwinlead producer anthem

In the comments, the players drew Irwin’s attention to the fact that the probability of falling out of rare items should remain exactly the same as it was originally. Otherwise, the game becomes too much grind, and the process itself ceases to be fun.

Anthem’s full release took place on February 22nd. Critics and players coolly met theBioWare title, and some retail stores started selling the game at a discount on the day of release.

Bioware did not fix the oversized bug in Anthem – instead, the equipment was made weaker 


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