Adobe plans to end Flash support in 2020.

Microsoft, Mozilla and Google have also announced a phasing out of the plugin.

The company said that most of the functions of the plugin Flash Player, at the moment, took over the HTML5 technology, through which you can run multimedia content without having to install third-party software. At Adobe, they intend to focus on Flash analogues, such as Animate CC or Muse CC, and urge developers to transfer their materials to open formats.

Microsoft said that by mid-2018, the Edge browser will receive an update, thanks to which each Flash launch will require permission from the user. In 2019, the American company intends to disable the use of the plug-in by default in both Edge and Internet Explorer. By the end of 2020, support for the platform in Microsoft browsers will be completely terminated. Gradually abandoning the plugin and intends to Google.

For most Firefox users, Flash support will be discontinued in 2019. Until the end of its life cycle, the platform will work only in the Firefox Extended Support Release (ESR) browser.

Apple also began abandoning Flash back in 2010. At the same time, if the user installs the plugin, Safari browser will still require permission to launch it for each site.


Since 1996, the Mac platform has owned the Flash platform. In 2005, it was bought by Adobe Systems. Palagin is used to run video, audio and games. According to Google, in 2014, sites with Flash elements were visited by 80% of Chrome PC users. For three years, this figure fell to 17%.

Flash Player has been repeatedly criticized for the imperfection of the code, which put the security of computers at risk. In particular, in April 2010, Apple CEO Steve Jobs wrote an open letter to Adobe, in which he called Flash “number one” in the list of causes of operating system malfunctions from a US corporation. In addition, he noted the poor performance of the platform on mobile devices.


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