Among the textures in Anthem there are still placeholders

Probably, the developers overlooked and forgot to replace them.

On an asset placeholder in his twitter drew the attention of Lukas Wagner, software integration engineer at Apple.

Using asset placers in the software, do you prefer to take what looks like the final version (easy to miss and not so bad if it enters the release build), or obviously a temporary solution (easy to see and embarrassing if it enters the release build)?

“Why do you ask?” 1. I come across this at work. 2. I found this “crystal” in Anthem tonight.

Wagner was not the only one who found a crystal without a texture. Placeholder exactly on the PS4.

Apple engineer himself noted that he still likes Anthem.

I prefer to use assets that are close to the final version, but mainly because they can temporarily distract, especially in the demo. Besides that, I really like Anthem, despite the bugs. The feeling of flying is very cool, and I love listening to the stories of the characters in Fort Tarsis.

It is difficult to say for what reason placeholders are still found in Anthem, but the most probable of them is that the developers simply overlooked, forgetting to install the finished texture.

Especially because recently BioWare was occupied by a number of other issues, some of which are designed to address released March 9 patch. After him, for example, missions can be launched from anywhere in the fort.

BioWare released patch 1.0.3 for Anthem ahead of time – you can launch missions from anywhere in the fort 


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