Players managed to get a refund for Anthem on PS4 because of a bug that turns off the console

However, technical support was not approved by all users.

Some Anthem players have reported that they managed to get a refund for the game on PS4. They successfully issued a refund referring to a critical bug. Sony returned the money, despite the number of hours played.

Users said that for the same reason, you can get a refund for the physical copy of the game: you only need to confirm the purchase by check.

Nevertheless, Sony refused technical support to some gamers . They were simply offered to stop playing until the problem is fixed.

Sony usually takes a very strict refund for the purchase. According to PSN rules , a user can issue a refund within two weeks after purchase, provided that he “did not start downloading or streaming playback of the purchased data”.


In recent days, players massively reported a critical bug Anthem, due to which the console is turned off. Users said that their PS4 was disconnected when they tried to leave the game or were looking for a match. Many gamers are concerned about how the bug will affect the performance of the console, including the safety of data on the HDD.


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