“The driver is ready for the game”: how the e-sports team of the Overwatch League turned the meme into a part of the promotional campaign

The benefits of self-irony.

Ever since the first season of the Overwatch league in 2018, Florida Mayhem has been rumored about the alleged financial problems and is constantly lacking players and coaches.

Moreover, the network began to joke that one of the cyber sportsmen, Kevin “TviQ” Lindström, had to take his colleagues on the bus. The author of the portal Kotaku toldhow the team turned the mockery into one of their “chips”.

The joke about the “driver of the bus” began to spread after the difficulties Mayhem mentioned in the podcast about the competitions in Overwatch. One of the guests, commentator Mitch “Uber” Leslie, lamented that the team needed support.

They need new coaches. And it would be nice to hire someone so that TviQ does not have to drive a team bus every day.

They live like this! They have a base an hour from Blizzard Arena. In this case, the money they constantly clamped … He carries the whole team to work.Mitch “Uber” Lesliecommentator overwatch League

As representatives of the team finally admitted, Lindström actually drove his minions around the city in a minivan, but this happened only a few times during the entire first season of OWL.

However, the community turned it into a local meme. Someone just joked, and some seriously criticized the company that owns Mayhem, arguing that “they have no place in the League, if they can’t even hire a driver.”

Gradually, even other cybersportsmen started jokingly calling TviQ as a “lead”, while the player himself supported the meme, appearing in the video that his colleague tweeted.

The driver is ready to play.

But the team leaders refused to comment on anything at all until the beginning of 2019.

In January, in response to questions from fans about Reddit about the “bus driver,” President Mayhem acknowledged that they were embarrassed for the whole situation.

It’s funny that one of the most popular comments here is a joke about a bus driver.

Yes, we had a lot of problems last season, and we deserve to be bullied. But I am even surprised how strongly this nickname is attached to TviQ.John Krakumpresident of Florida Mayhem

Apparently, at the beginning of the second season, the team owners still decided that there was nothing shameful about the memes – and the jokes on the topic began to appear on the official Mayhem pages on social networks.

“Do you want a ride on a love bus?”

And in mid-February, Lindström even appeared in the form of “drove” in the video, representing the renewed composition of the team.

It seems that even if the results of Florida Mayhem in the competitions leave much to be desired, the cyber sportsmen do not have the self-irony.


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