The creators of Dead or Alive 6 made the heroines less sexy, so that “it was not a shame to play”

In Koei Tecmo explained the decision to make outfits less revealing, and the physics of the female breast – more restrained.

The developers of Dead or Alive 6 have said that they have abandoned the heroine’s usual sexualization of heroines in order to emphasize realism and convince fans that this game is “first and foremost a fighting game”.

Character costumes will become more functional, and visual style – more naturalistic. For example, the standard suit of one of the permanent fighters, Kasumi, has become more closed.

Kasumi in Dead or Alive 5

Kasumi in Dead or Alive 6

According to the head of the development, Yohei Simbori (Yohei Shimbori), this outfit was created, taking an example from American comics.

We changed the standard Kasumi costume in the game. I chose it because I am a big fan of American comics.

If you look at the heroines there, you will notice that artists are moving away from classical outfits and make them more practical. In them, the characters are more like real fighters.

For these costumes, they even use certain materials. It seemed to me. that this is a wonderful idea, which I decided to borrow.

Johei Simborigame director Dead or Alive 6

During the fights, the fighters will sweat and also gradually get bruises and abrasions. Koei Tecmo took inspiration in mixed martial arts competitions.

I want to show how pretty the fighters can become in the process of fighting, and it doesn’t matter whether they are men or women.


Battles can be so violent that participants will get injured. And we want the damage they take to be visible.

Johei Simborigame director Dead or Alive 6

Game Designer also noted that by making the girls look less frank in the game, the studio does not just follow the global trend.

The goal of the developers is to create a game “in which people would not be ashamed to play,” and try so that the characters in it do not look silly. Therefore, the physics of individual parts of the body will become “not so exaggerated.”

We want the movement to be realistic and natural, this is our goal.

Still, we make a fighting game. And it seemed to us that the players did not perceive [Dead or Alive] as a “thoroughbred” representative of the genre.

They looked at her completely differently, which, in my opinion, is not quite fair. So we decided to make sure that our game is first of all a fighting game.

Johei Simborigame director Dead or Alive 6

Dead or Alive 6 will be released on PC, PS4 and Xbox One in early 2019. This will be the first numbered game in the series in almost seven years.


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