YouTube closed the comments to the videos with minors after the scandal about the “sexual exploitation of children”

Only some channels with “active moderation” can open them.

On her blog, YouTube explained that channel owners must prove a low risk of potential “sexual exploitation” in order to get permission to open comments on videos with children.

In addition, YouTube has launched a new comment classifier, which aims to identify and delete entries with inappropriate behavior towards minors.

The scandal began on February 17, when blogger Matt Watson drew attention to videos with children, under which there are comments with hints of sexual overtones and links to child pornography.

After that, several large companies, including Epic Games and Disney , removed ads for their products from YouTube and said that they would wait for Google to take measures to remedy the situation.

Now it’s unclear whether the ads of companies will return to the site – a complete disabling of comments under the video with children may seem like a radical measure, but it solves the problem.

Epic Games removed Fortnite ads from YouTube due to “sexually exploited children” clips


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