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The creators of the cooperative fashion for Skyrim, who receive 37 thousand dollars a month, admitted to using someone else’s code.

They have already begun to get rid of him.

Disagreements between the authors of Skyrim Together and the creators of the SKSE toolkit began several years ago. According to the latter, the code for their modification, which extends the ability to customize the scripts, is used by the developers of the cooperative fashion without permission.

The creators of Skyrim Together denied the charges, and in 2018 explained that they did not use the SKSE code, but their modification would still be available through the toolkit.

The situation prompted the creators of SKSE to write their own license for the code, prohibiting its use.

On February 27, the SKSE team once again raised the topic in the mods section for Skyrim on Reddit, this time providing direct evidence that its code is used in the Skyrim Together modification.

The community supported SKSE and expressed the opinion that the authors of the cooperative f ashion should now be treated with suspicion. Some even refused to

 use it, recalling how the creators of the toolkit contributed to the development of Skyrim modding.

Users of the Reddit section also noted that the developers of Skyrim Together receive over $ 35,000 per month from their Patreon, while using other people’s work without demand.

As a result, the creators of Skyrim Together decided to openly respond to the allegations and admitted that they used the code SKSE.

In the past, we had disagreements with SKSE. I tried to contact them, but they did not respond, so we stopped using their code. Something from him could have been due to an oversight, as this is not the same as deleting a folder. This is our fault because we were in a hurry with some code segments. In any case, we will try to remove everything to the nearest patch.

maxgriot Skyrim Together

The developer of the modification also explained that 35 thousand including taxes on ten people is not as much as it may seem.

If you think that we do not deserve your money, no one forces you to pay, and you have every right not to use our mod while it is in a closed beta, or even when it is released. I worked on this for eight years, and there are ten of us here. Given this and taxes, this amount is less than the minimum wage.

maxgriot Skyrim Together

In January, the authors of Skyrim Together reported that their modification will be released shortly after the already closed closed beta, but this does not seem to be the case.

Full release is still far away. Now the mod is unstable, and many features are disabled in it.

maxgriot Skyrim Together

Skyrim Together allows you to play in a cooperative of up to eight people on a single card and will be distributed through your own launcher.


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