IO Interactive became an independent studio, retaining the rights to the series Hitman

The statement appeared on the official website of the developer.

The head of IO Interactive Hakan Abrak told in the record about the 19-year history of the company. He said that he was proud to announce the independence of IO Interactive and thanked all the staff and fans of the company’s games for their patience and support.

According to the developer, negotiations with Square Enix ended successfully – IO Interactive bought the manual, and the rights to the Hitman series of games remain with the studio. He thanked the publisher and said that he was glad to be part of his “family”. The amount of the transaction was not disclosed.


IO Interactive (IOI) is a Danish computer game development company, best known for its hitman game series. In May 2017, Square Enix announced its desire to sell the studio, the fate of the series remained unknown. May 23 it became known about the layoffs at IOI.


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