Additional points of synchronization and “New game +” – how AC: Odyssey will be updated in February

Ubisoft will also raise the maximum level and add frames to the photo mode.

  • The game is already available side storyline A Brother’s Seduction, which takes place in the port city of Kehrey. There, two brothers are trying to come to terms with the death of their father – and after the arrival of the main character they begin to compete for his favor.
  • The mode “New game +” will allow you to re-run Assassin’s Creed Odyssey for another character – pumping and equipment from the first pass will be saved.
  • The maximum level in the game will increase to 99th.
  • Developers will add 22 new synchronization points. Most of them will be located near the ports to provide players with quick access to the sea.
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  • In the photo mode will appear 10 frames – including in the style of Athens and Sparta.
  • Cosmetic sets Wild Boar and Deep Sea Hunter will add a new ship design, equipment for the team, an extra horse and legendary weapons.
  • The system of mercenaries will include two additional ranks, for the achievement of which players will receive loot, cash rewards and other bonuses.

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