Bioware did not fix the oversized bug in Anthem – instead, the equipment was made weaker

Now, Gunslinger’s Mark does not have a bonus effect, which was supposed to provide without taking into account the error.

Gunslinger’s Mark is a piece of equipment that can be used on the Storm Javeline. Thanks to him, the damage during the flight increased by 60% – however, on February 23, players found that when dodging in the air, the Gunslinger’s Mark effect worked again and with each maneuver it increased the damage by 60%. As a result, with a single blow, the enemy could remove up to a million health units.

The player uses Storm with Gunsling’s Mark installed and actually kills the boss alone.

Bioware discovered a bug, but did not eliminate it – but completely removed the bonus effect that Gunslinger’s Mark provided during the flight. Now the item does not increase the damage of the Storm by 60%, which was originally intended.

When the developers correct the error is still unknown.

The description of Gunslinger’s Mark now indicates that the item raises damage while flying by 0%

Anthem was released for all players on February 22 and received mixed criticism – at the time of this writing, the Metacritic rating was 60%. As a result, retail stores in Australia and Germany began selling Anthem at a discount on the day of release.

EA publishes Anthem development plan until May 


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