Chinese players hit Devotion horror rating on Steam because of Easter eggs about the head of China and Winnie the Pooh

The developers said that she appeared in the game by mistake.

Devotion – horror from the Taiwanese studio RedCandleGames. The game was released on Steam on February 19, and for the first three days after the release, it had 95% positive user feedback. However, on February 22, the rating of the game began to fall, and at the time of writing this note, Devotion only had 40% of positive reviews. At the same time, most of the negative reviews were left by players from China.

Blame it all – “Easter egg”, which was discovered by players. On one of the amulets of Fulu in Devotion there are four characters that can be read as “Xi Jinping – The Foolish Winnie the Pooh” Xi Jinping – the head of the Communist Party of China, which in jest is often compared to Winnie the Pooh.

Moreover, some players reported that the game also includes an inscription in which they curse all the inhabitants of mainland China and wish them dead. Also, in one of the newspaper notes in the game, it is said that a certain Baozzi was sentenced to imprisonment for attacking a schoolboy. Baozi is a Chinese pie, but this word is sometimes called Xi Jinping in mockery.

In their reviews, Chinese Steam users called on developers to “not broadcast their own political views through games” and demanded a refund for insulting China’s national leader.


Themselves as developers of RedCandleGames studio brought an apology and removed the mention of Xi with the patch to version 1.0.5.

Our team often uses memes as stubs at the game prototyping stage. We accidentally did not remove them from the final version, because we were in a hurry to release. We did not want to insult any. All this has been removed in version 1.0.5.

This situation has shown that our team is not working accurately enough. As a gaming company, we have room to grow. We apologize to all those who have been insulted. Please forgive us. All responsibility lies with us.RedCandleGames Appeal

In August 2018, it became known that the film “Christopher Robin” will not be released in Chinese hire. Presumably, the reason for this is a joke about Xi Jinping and Winnie the Pooh. The year before, images from the hero of Alan Milne’s fairy tale were removed from social networks.


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