Reading William Blake’s poems right in battle: details and gameplay for V in DMC 5 of the final previews

The journalists were given to play the first 11 missions of the game, during which they were able to control all three heroes: Nero, Dante and Wee. Most attention was paid to the last edition, because of the gameplay for the first two already know everything you need.

Play for V

  • Unlike Nero and Dante, Wee doesn’t engage in a bout directly, and only evades enemy attacks. Familiar fights for him – the bird and the panther, the teams to which the player gives.
  • The bird inflicts damage at a distance and helps you to quickly move from one point to another, while the panther distracts opponents at this time and fights with them in melee combat.
  • Familiar has their own health strips and charge charges, after which they need to briefly withdraw from the battlefield.
  • Some abilities of familiars can be opened up for red orbs, which are enough in locations – at least at first the game does not force you to resort to embedded microtransactions.
  • After the familiars deal enough damage to the enemy, you need to take a fatal blow, since his assistants cannot finish off the enemy themselves.
  • While using Devil Trigger’s ability, Vi calls a third familiar, the monster Nightmare.
  • Journalists are not advised to skip training for Wee, since it is much more difficult to play for him than for Nero or Dante, and the gameplay is more like fighting game than slesher.
  • A separate button when playing for V is dedicated to reading poetry of the poet William Blake right during the battle.
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  • Nero and Dante feel about the same as in the DMC 3 and 4, so the fans of the series will not have to get used to them.
  • One of the main differences of the game for Dante – the player can choose how many types of weapons to take on each mission.
  • At the beginning of some missions, the player will be able to choose which of the three characters to play for.
  • According to the author of Trusted Reviews, more urban landscapes did not benefit the game, and some locations sometimes look too gray and monotonous.
  • The game has secret tasks that can be opened by finding hidden places in locations.

In addition, the network has more than 30 minutes of new gameplay, where you can look at Wea’s abilities in action.

10 minutes of gameplay for Wee from IGN

26 minutes of gameplay from Game Informer

Finally, along with the final previews, another bundle of screenshots appeared on the network. It is likely that now, before the release, only a couple of trailers and final reviews with ratings will appear on the network.

Devil May Cry 5 will be released on March 8 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

The second demo DMC 5 released in Russia 


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