Started the second part of ARG from Paradox

Users began to receive invitations in which they were invited to join the Tender study.

Users who have registered on Tender’s “dating site” have begun to receive emails inviting them to participate in some kind of research. This was written on the Trust No More pseudo-spyological site .

The resource publishes articles about “zombie ants”, hostile artificial intelligence and the mysterious carpet in the motel of Bernalillo, because of which people kill each other.

Among the notes there is material on the Tender. The author reports that the founders of the dating site will test the users on February 23. During the four-hour sessions, they will follow the biometric data of the participants using the dating site at that moment.


Then the experimental will be divided into two groups, which will have to get out of the room.

The author of the note encourages users to become his insiders at the event and asks for a special survey . On the Trust No Mero website, you can find several artifacts and a link to the Discord channel dedicated to discussing conspiracy theories.

Paradox launched the “dating site” Tender – it found hints of the Vampire franchise: The Masquerade 


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