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Starbreeze has canceled Overkill’s The Walking Dead version for PS4

Update on 21.02: the publisher 505 Games explained that the console versions are not canceled, but only postponed.

Netizens who have pre-ordered Overkill’s The Walking Dead co-op shooter for PS4, have received a notification from Sony about the refund for the purchase.

The text of the letter says that the publisher Starbreeze has canceled this version of the game, although so far the company has not announced this officially.

Sony Email Screenshot

At the moment, Xbox One users have not reported a refund for pre-orders. But perhaps this version was also decided to cancel in light of the financial difficulties of Starbreeze, whose losses in the fourth quarter of 2018 amounted to $

 135 million.

Losses Starbreeze in the fourth quarter of 2018 amounted to 135 million dollars 

So far, the publisher has not commented on the situation.

In mid-January, the release of Overkill’s The Walking Dead on consoles was postponed indefinitely due to the plight of the company.

The shooter was released on PC on November 6, and the versions for PS4 and Xbox One were originally planned to be released on February 8.


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