Nike’s smart sneakers for $ 350 do not drag themselves because of the application bug

The other day, Nike has released sneakers Adapt BB, which are able to tighten themselves to the size of your feet. Pleasure it costs $ 350, and management occurs through a proprietary application. It was with him that problems arose: Android users complained that the connection with sneakers was unstable.

Most users complain about problems with the shoe for the left foot. At the same time, the troubles concern only the Android version: people note that there are no such nuances with the iOS application.

Nike has provided physical buttons on the sneakers that allow you to manually adjust the size. But, firstly, it is not as effective as through the application, and secondly, after adapting some Adapt BB, the motor has jammed it and does not respond to keystrokes.

Nike unveiled the first massive sneakers with Adapt BB lacing in January 2018. Their sales began in late February at a price of $ 350 (about 23 thousand rubles).


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