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Starbreeze refused System Shock 3 – publishing rights returned to the developers

The company is trying to regain financial stability.

The termination of the transaction was announced on the official Starbreeze website. Studio OtherSide Entertainment will receive publishing rights back, but it will have to return to the publisher all the funds that he has invested in the development of the game since 2017.

I think this is the best solution for us. Although we are sad that we could not complete the project together with OtherSide. System Shock 3 is a fantastic game developed with the participation of industrial legend Warren Spector, and I look forward to its release.Michael Nemarkacting CEO Starbreeze

Starbreeze still has copyright to Psychonauts 2 and Ten Crowns.

Due to the problematic development and failure of Overkill’s The Walking Dead, as well as unsuccessful investments in VR projects in late 2018, the Swedish company was in a difficult position

 . The media estimates its debts at tens of millions of dollars.

In early December, Starbreeze changed the CEO and moved to the “reconstruction” stage. The company is trying to stay afloat – including using a mobile shooter in the Payday franchise.

System Shock 3 is a full-fledged, albeit fairly budget, continuation of the series, created with the participation of Warren Spector. Do not confuse the game with the remake of the first System Shock, which in 2018 also had problems .

Debts of tens of millions and hope for a “new Destiny”: how Starbreeze was on the verge of bankruptcy 


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