In the files of Apex Legends found mention of the free version of the combat pass

What is its difference from the paid, is unclear.

There are no specific details of the free version of the combat pass in the Apex Legends files, but datamineers also found mention of the status of the pass “level_diamond”, which probably refers to the paid version.

Probably, Respawn does not want to divide the audience into two camps and will provide everyone with a single version of the combat pass, also giving players the opportunity for money to get additional bonuses.

The developers themselves have not yet reported the details of the combat passes, which will be tied to the four seasons of the first year. In each of the seasons, in addition to the passes, characters, weapons and loot will be included.


Respawn plan for the first year

Respawn, meanwhile, released the second patch on February 19, which turned out to be significantly smaller than the first. The update fixes some cases of “crashes” on all platforms, as well as a bug, when after the revival the characters moved very slowly.

The first season of Apex Legends will begin in March. Before this, the developers will stream, where they tell the details.

Respawn has already banned over 16 thousand cheaters in Apex Legends


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