“Apparently, they were carried away by their own Maidan reality”: the leading Russia-24 about the authors of Metro Exodus

February 18 in the news program on the federal channel “Russia-24” was mentioned Metro Exodus and one of the achievements in the game, called “Decommunization” and given for the destruction of the statue of Lenin.

For a minute, the presenter made some bright statements about the game 4A Games.

An interactive blockbuster in the genre of 3D-shooter appeared on the shelves just a couple of days ago, but already one of the best-selling in the world.

The plot is based on the novels of Dmitry Glukhovsky about Russia after a hypothetical nuclear war, but the developers, not least, are Ukrainian. Apparently, they were carried away with their own Maidan realities, and still mocked Muscovites, they say, they do not know that outside the capital in the middle of the devastation and hordes of mutants people also live. As they say, spreading cranberries, plus terry Russophobia.


host “Russia-24”

Mentioned the presenter and reviews about the game on Metacritic.

A considerable part of the Russian audience, judging by the reviews, is disappointed, but the western is delighted, advertising in the press and social networks, since the game fits perfectly in their attitude towards Russia.

host “Russia-24”

What specific feedback Russian players are talking about is unclear, as is why the presenter called Metro Exodus one of the best-selling shooters in the world when Deep Silver has not yet reported its sales data.


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