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From figures to AR-games: the Ninja streamer will have its own line of toys

His merchandise will not be limited to t-shirts alone.

The company Wicked Cool Toys has introduced several series of toys under the brand name Tyler Blevins, also known as Ninja.

The assortment will include collectible vinyl figurines based on emoticons used in streamer Twitch chat and much more. Plan to sell including stickers, soft toys, pillows and hats in the form of hair Ninja.

Part of the goods will go on sale in the autumn of 2019.

In addition, Wicked Cool is also going to launch a set of four figures that will be bundled with games in Augmented Reality (AR). To run a mobile application, you will need to scan the code on the toy.


Each of the figures will be dedicated to different streamers – Ninja, Lirik, Summit1G and Tim the Tat Man. Apparently, this line will be available only by 2020.

Tyler Blevins gained fame thanks to live broadcasts of the online action Fortnite. In March 2018, he set a record for watching on Twitch – the number of simultaneous viewers of the stream, where he played with rappers Drake (Drake) and Travis Scott, exceeded 600 thousand.


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