Respawn has already banned over 16 thousand cheaters in Apex Legends

In the Apex Legends section of Reddit, the Jayfresh community manager told us that Respawn is still working on solving problems with “departures” from matches, and the next patch will be released on Tuesday, the 19th day.

In addition, Jayfresh reported that since the release, developers have discovered and banned more than 16 thousand cheaters. He called on players to report offenders via the Apex Legends page on the anti-cheat Easy website.

The Respawn community manager has promised that developers will get in touch with the players as often as possible and talk about what they are doing. For example, Jayfresh will start doing daily posts on Reddit from Tuesday, however, of course, not all of them will have important news.

Developers also continue to prepare for the launch of the first season in March. Before this, Respawn will broadcast, which will tell you what to expect from the update, in which players are waiting for new types of weapons and legends.


Players themselves, meanwhile, have already found in the game files a mention of the names of the new characters: Octane and Wattson. Apparently, one of them may be another robot in addition to the Pathfinder.

On February 15, Chinese media reported that Tencent had begun negotiations with EA to launch Apex Legends in China. The company is already responsible in the country for such Battle Royals as PUBG and Fortnite.

Tencent is in talks with EA to launch Apex Legends in China 


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