Why did Ubisoft remove The Division 2 from Steam – explains the head of the company

During a report for investors, journalists asked the head of Ubisoft why the publisher decided to remove The Division 2 from Steam. Judging by the response of Yves Giymo, this may be the beginning of a transitional period for the company, the final point of which is a complete “move” to Uplay.

The number of platforms for distribution is growing, and they are fighting among themselves for quality content. In this transaction, we saw an opportunity to increase the interest of players in our own store and at the same time support a partner who appreciates our games and offers the best conditions.

Ives guillemoCEO Ubisoft

According to Guillaume, the first data suggests that the decision was correct. Pre-orders for The Divison 2 on a PC are already higher than those of the first part. And in Uplay, the figures have increased sixfold.


If the service fee on Steam is for games with high revenue of 20%, then Epic offers 12%. However, it still does not compare with the sale of games in its own store. So, Ubisoft may well follow in the footsteps of EA with its Origin.

The Division 2 40-hour campaign and Uplay’s growth is central to Ubisoft ‘s quarterly report.


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