The United States suspected Russia and China in the development of laser weapons for satellites

The US military intelligence report raises the issue of depriving a country of superiority in outer space. The project considered the activities of Russia, China, Iran and North Korea, related to space. As follows from the document, the growing presence of China in space should be accompanied by the improvement of US security systems that ensure the safety of satellites.

Also, the US military fear the development of various types of weapons to counter American satellites. We are talking about kinetic weapons (satellite-kamikaze), energy (lasers) and other types. Primarily in the United States are excited by the existence of laser systems that can destroy or disable American satellites or their components.


According to forecasts, in 2020, China will deploy ground-based laser systems capable of affecting satellite sensors, later a laser weapon will appear, designed to destroy structures in orbit. The report notes that Russia has similar developments.


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