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Study: in USA every fifth teenager weave

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has published a new study on the popularity of electronic steam generators. So far, the trend is alarming for medical professionals: more young people are keen on vape.

According to the latest data, last year every fifth high school student “hovered”, and compared with 2017, the popularity of steam generators has grown. According to a previous study published in November, more than 3.6 million vapel children are at least once in the last thirty days. Compared with 2017, these guys have become a half million more.

In total, 4.9 million young people used tobacco products last year. Among high school students, the number of consumers increased by 38% compared to 2017. Researchers are concerned that young people who have not smoked before are switching from vap to regular cigarettes.


At the same time, experts recognize that in some cases, steam generators slow down the growth of smoking. However, in the case of adolescents, the situation is different: they do not use vape to quit smoking, but they immediately buy vape and then risk coming to regular tobacco products.


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