IPhone 7 and 8 barred by court returned to German stores

Last December, Apple lost a lawsuit against Qualcomm in Germany. American companies did not share the patents that were used in the iPhone 7 and 8, and as a result the court decided to ban these devices for sale in the country. Now these devices can again be bought in Germany.

The German market for Apple, though far from the key (perhaps the case, for example, China), but apparently, this was a matter of principle. Apple began to install Qualcomm production modems on the iPhone 7 and 8, rather than Intel with Qorvo-assisted chips — it was they who caused Apple’s argument with Qualcomm.


By the way, in China, the sale of iPhone 7 and 8 is also banned, but as long as Apple disputes the verdict, the court decision has not entered into legal force and you can buy the devices absolutely freely. In addition, the ban relates to sales of devices directly through the Apple distribution network, and not third-party stores.


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