Researchers found the aircraft carrier Hornet sunk in 1942

An expedition aboard the R / V research vessel Petrel found the aircraft carrier Hornet, which sank in 1942. Until now, its exact location remained unknown.

The aircraft carrier is at great depth: CNN reports that the Hornet rests more than five kilometers (17,000 feet) below the surface of the Pacific Ocean. The find sank near the Solomon Islands.


The ship sank the Japanese pilots and sailors in the battles for the island of Santa Cruz. The aircraft carrier went to, the bottom in October 1942, killing about 140 crew members.

Hornet was discovered by the Vulcan team, which was financed by Paul Allen – co-founder of Microsoft, who died last year. A year ago, the same company found another aircraft carrier – Lexington. It is located at a depth of three kilometers, about 800 km off the east coast of Australia.


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