Elon Musk finally answered in Russian, how was “such” to him

he co-founder of SpaceX and Tesla responded to the phrase “how do you like that, Elon Musk?”. Usually it is attributed to strange domestic inventions and events that should impress the Musk. Now the businessman answered the question. And in Russian!

The NTV television channel published a video with unusual Zhiguli from Stavropol and asked for the opinion of Elon Musk. It seems that the inventor first responded to a similar message:

Judging by the reaction, the businessman estimated the invention of the Stavropol: at least, “haha awesome” from Musk can be considered a great compliment.


“Zhiguli” interested local police officers. RIA Novosti reports that the converted car was seized from an 18-year-old owner. The guy was brought to responsibility for making unauthorized changes in the design of the vehicle, the lack of insurance and backing at a crossroads.


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