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13-year-old girl whispers into the microphone and earns around $ 1000 a day

Nearly one and a half million people subscribed to the YouTube channel of a 13-year-old girl who shoots an ASMR video. A girl whispers into the microphone, smacking his lips, serbs noodles, gnawing honeycombs. And millions of people are watching these videos, which allegedly cause a pleasant tingling sensation in the back of the head. The so-called autonomous sensory meridional response – ASMR.

About the girl Mackenna Kelly from the American state of Colorado told the British magazine Wired .

– I tried to make an ASMR video, because I thought it would help my channel. It was impressive, because it was my dream: to have a lot of subscribers, – says Kelly, who in March 2018 decided to become a blogger. At first, she took makeup tips, tried various foreign goodies on camera.

According to the service for assessing the commercial attractiveness of channels on YouTube, a girl can earn about $ 1000 daily. To this, it is worth adding orders from subscribers: they pay her $ 30-50 for publishing videos of a specific subject and duration. Someone asks to shoot himself eating milk with cookies, someone asks to press the buttons on the TV remote.

The girl’s 40-year-old mother began tracking these orders a month after gaining popularity on the channel. Two of these requests were “inappropriate” and immediately went into the trash.


YouTube assumes that about 45 million ASMR clips are posted on the hosting site. Last year, the number of children publishing such videos has grown significantly.

Kelly has a five-year competitor. Mom Aoki Hunnikat hooked on ASMR-videos back in 2011.

“When children whisper, for me this is … oh my god … it is so relaxing,” says Aoki’s mother. She claims that she created a YouTube channel for her daughter to help other people. And now in the comments under the rollers he sees comments like: “I watch it every evening. It helps me sleep . 

Some activists believe that this kind of video is exploitation and cruel treatment of children. Anthony Fleck believes that an adult man can not have any reason to watch children’s ASMR-video.

– I have seen similar channels. “Just a couple of seconds is enough to find nasty sentences in the comments, ” notes Fleck. Proposals like suck on the camera a candy or pickled cucumber.

The administration of YouTube, for its part, notes that it is in contact with many experts in order to develop clear rules for children’s ASMR-video. But first of all parents should do it. Which instead of the number of growing views need to better monitor the safety of their children on the Internet.


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