SpaceX called the date of the first flight of the passenger ship Crew Dragon

SpaceX and NASA decided on the date of the first flight of the spacecraft Crew Dragon. Start is scheduled for the second of March. Initially, the launch was planned as early as January 7, but since then it has been postponed twice without explanation – USA Today suggests that the shifts are related to the temporary suspension of the work of the US government. But now everything has to go according to plan.

Flight Crew Dragon will be a test, without people on board. SpaceX must ensure that all systems are operational before sending a ship with astronauts. If everything goes as it should, Crew Dragon and the crew will start this July.


Also in April, Boeing will test its space capsule for carrying passengers – the CST-100 Starliner. Until the end of this year, NASA plans to certify both Starliner and Crew Dragon to deliver astronauts to the ISS.


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