The creator of X-COM launched a step-by-step fundraising strategy with giant monsters

The development of Phoenix Point will require at least 500 thousand dollars.

Phoenix Point from the studio Snapshot Games, known for the turn-based strategy of Chaos Reborn, according to the authors, is a “spiritual heir to X-COM.”

The game is planned to be released on PC, Mac and Linux in the fourth quarter of 2018, and, apparently, it will have no problems with financing. In a matter of hours, the project gathered more than 144 thousand dollars out of the required 500 thousand on the crowdfunding platform Fig, although more than 40 days were left before the end of the campaign.

In addition to people from Ubisoft Sofia and Crytek Black Sea, Julian Gollop, founder of Mythos Games and Codo Technologies, as well as the creator of the popular X-COM series, takes part in creating Phoenix Point.

The game has been under development for more than a year, so the developers already have a lot of material for the demonstration, including screenshots and even fragments of the gameplay.

In addition, the authors claim that they have already prepared the main storylines, art and playable tactical system with artificial intelligence.


The game tells about a world where people were almost destroyed by the virus that spread across the planet. The player will take control of the members of the project “Phoenix” – a world organization that was created to protect humanity from world cataclysms.

The main characters will learn the fate of “sleeping cells” “Phoenix”, located around the world, as well as face other powerful organizations of survivors, each of which the developers promise to give its character.

t is necessary to fight not only with people, but also with monsters generated by a virus. The developers promise unpredictable opponents created by procedural generation, as well as “epic battles with giant monsters.”

However, people also have to deliver inconvenience. The authors promise “abductions, contract killings, sabotage, military coups, and base defense missions.”

Chaos Reborn, the previous game of the studio, received rave reviews from players and critics. She was also funded through crowdfunding.


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