Resident Evil 7 developers have removed Denuvo protection from PC version

Two years after the release.

The fact that anti-piracy system references disappeared from the horror page on Steam was noticed in the media. Apparently, it was removed in the morning of January 28.

Most likely, Capcom decided that Denuvo had already completed its task. Resident Evil 7 was released in early 2017, and the DRM protection in it was hacked less than a week after the release.

Perhaps, as time passes, the company will remove Denuvo from its other games as well. The same system is used in PC versions of Monster Hunter World and a remake of Resident Evil 2, and will also operate in Devil May Cry 5.


Many publishers enjoy the same protection, although their work may affect the performance of games. Some tests have shown that Denuvo increases load times by 50-80%.


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