Andrzej Sapkowski accused CD Projekt Red of copyright infringement and demanded 16 million dollars

The company will look for a peaceful way to resolve the conflict.

CD Projekt Red published an appeal from the official representatives of the writer Andrzej Sapkowski on the site. In a statement, they accuse developers of copyright infringement and note that “compensation paid to the author is too small compared to the company’s profit.”

Representatives of the writer require royalties from sales in the amount of standard 5-15%, since this is an adaptation of the work. According to the calculations presented in the document, CDPR should pay Sapkowski approximately 16 million dollars. The full text of the statement in English is given by CDPR.

A careful reading of your contracts with the Author allowed us to conclude that if the company really acquired the rights, they only extended to the first game in the series, and the further distribution of all your games, including extensions, add-ons, and so on, is simply illegal.from the statement


In turn, representatives of the studio indicated that they have all the necessary documents that allow them to officially and legally use the work of the writer to develop games. All necessary payments have already been repaid.

CDPR emphasizes that they want to maintain good relations with the authors of the works that underlie their games, so the company will do everything to peacefully settle the conflict.


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