Digital Foundry: “The Xbox One X is the best platform for Red Dead Redemption 2”

The Microsoft console starts the game in the native 4K resolution and “produces” a stable 30 fps.

Unlike the first part of Red Dead Redemption, in which the level of detail on the PS3 and Xbox 360 was significantly different, the sequel on all four platforms looks the same worked out. The power of the console primarily affects the resolution and image resolution effects, such as shadow quality and depth of field

In their rating, Digital Foundry employees put the Western version for Xbox One X in the first place – it works in the ultraHD native resolution. Behind it, the PlayStation 4 Pro, which uses a technology reminiscent of chess rendering. The native resolution of RDR 2 on the Sony console is 1920×2160 pixels, which then stretches to 4K

DF noted that the Temporal anti-aliasing technology used by Rockstar distorts some pixels, which is noticeable on 4K monitors.

According to experts, Red Dead Redemption 2 does not use a dynamic resolution resolution system – the number of pixels is fixed on all versions of the game.

On PlayStation 4, the game works in 1080p resolution, and on Xbox One S – 864p. On the standard Microsoft console, RDR 2 has more blues, and there is noise in the image. These deficiencies can be noticed when considering foliage or shadows. Compared to the Xbox One X, the western resolution on a regular Xbox is 6.2 times less

In addition to the resolution, on more powerful consoles in Red Dead Redemption 2 improved textures. The differences are visible upon a detailed examination of the characters and their clothes. At the same time, if we evaluate the quality of the picture as a whole, the difference between the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X is insignificant.


The Xbox One X version of Red Dead Redemption 2 also showed better performance. On all consoles, the game works at 30 fps. However, in the visually “loaded” locations, powerful consoles show themselves clearly better. On PS4 and Xbox One S, the frame rate periodically drops to 22-23, while on Pro and One X it keeps closer to 30 (Microsoft console does it better).

The worst performance was PS4. The less powerful Xbox One S bypasses it in frame rate at the expense of lower resolution

PlayStation 4 Pro also showed a good result, however, in city locations, the frame rate slightly “sags”. Standard consoles Sony and Microsoft keep a stable 30 frames in areas with wildlife, but in busy places can not withstand the load. At such levels, the frequency drops to 20 fps. In some areas, the usual Xbox One S frame rate is higher than the PS4.

Despite the improved image quality on Pro and X, the version of RDR 2 for standard consoles cannot be called a trimmed one. DF believes that on all systems, the Western shows a stable 30 fps most of the time, and the differences in graphics are noticeable in the first place in the details


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