The prosecutor’s office of Belgium has launched a criminal investigation against EA because of the company’s refusal to remove the booty boxes

Apparently, the publishing house intends to defend its position.

The Belgian Gambling Commission decided in April that FIFA 18 violated local laws along with Overwatch and CS: GO. Valve and Blizzard went to meet the authorities and banned players from this country to buy Luthboxes in their games, but EA does not agree with the requirements.

According to the prosecutor’s office of Brussels, FIFA 18 players can still buy Luthboxes, and the same opportunity will be in the upcoming FIFA 19, which will be released on September 28. Based on this, the body decided to open a criminal investigation against the publisher.


According to its results, the case may go to court – the gambling commission of Belgium proposed this option in May, but decided not to act, waiting for the Minister of Justice to meet with representatives of gaming companies.

EA itself said earlier that, unlike the Belgian commission, Luthboxes are not considered to be gambling, because players know what they can get.

The publishing house remained the only company that did not agree to cede to the Belgian government. She decided to remove Lutboks from her games even at 2K Games, although she asked the players to come out for their return.

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