Bethesda rejected rumors of a Fallout 76 transition to a free-to-play model.

This information came with reference to Australian retailers.

The company Bethesda announced that the rumors about the transfer of Fallout 76 to a conditionally free model are false.

Bethesda, if Fallout 76 becomes free, I want my money back and period. This time the 500 atom trick will not work. As a devoted fan, I will not forgive this slap in my address.

There is no truth in these rumors.

On January 19, a video was released on TheQuartering YouTube channel , in which the author talked about the possible transition of Fallout 76 to the free-to-play model. He cited sources in the Australian retail chain EB Games. They said that the store began to remove copies of Fallout 76 from the shelves. Some players and the media concluded that the publisher wanted to make the post-apocalyptic online RPG free.

Fallout 76 was released in November 2018 and received the first discounts soon after the release . Gaming press and the community met the RPG negatively .


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