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WhatsApp has forbidden to send messages often for the sake of protection from spam and panic

Mass mailings have already led to the death of more than a dozen people in India.

  • Worldwide WhatsApp users can now forward one message to no more than 20 groups. India has a stricter limit – no more than five shipments. Also, local users have disabled the fast transfer of photos and videos between users.
  • WhatsApp believes that the changes will help to leave the service with what it should be from the very beginning – an application for private correspondence.
  • Restrictions appeared after a series of murders in India, caused by the spread of false news in the messenger. From April 2018, local residents beat
     to death at least 17 people suspected in the kidnapping of their children. Reports of “abductions” were spread through groups on WhatsApp, after which residents gathered in crowds and, for unknown reasons, attacked people suspicious of them.

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