In Black Ops 4, a temporary regime appeared on PS4 with revivals in the “royal battle”

It will be available until January 30th.

Together with the trial version of the “royal battle” Black Ops 4, the game started atemporary mode “Down But Not Out”. This is a variation of Blackout matches in which members can revive.

Down But Not Out is available only when playing in teams. With each movement of the safe zone, users will respawn. The only condition is that at least one of the squad members must be alive.


It is assumed that in the new mode, players will be able to focus more on the killings, rather than on survival. This should add more dynamics to the fights, as well as allow beginners to more quickly join the game.

While the mode is available only on PS4.

Free Black Ops 4 Royal Battle Week Begins January 17

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