Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and the problem of choice: the players criticized the plot of the second chapter of the supplement of the game

Some didn’t like the final add-on.

On January 15, Ubisoft released the second episode of the DLC, The Legacy of the First Blade, for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

On the same day, complaints of players began to appear on the network at the plot turn in the end of the add-on, which is impossible to influence. Some even blamed the developers for lying while advancing the game and stated that the RPG mechanics and “forks” did not belong in the series in history.

The action of “Heritage” takes place around the first person who used the hidden blade – Darius. Regardless of what choice the player makes, and with whom he decided to start a romantic relationship, in the finale Alexios or Cassandra are “reduced” with the daughter or son of an assassin – the character’s gender will always be opposite to the gender of the main character.

Apparently, the events of the third episode will largely be associated with the couple’s child. This is also hinted at by the name of the upcoming DLC ​​- Bloodline (“Pedigree” or “Blood Relationship”).

Some players who played the homosexual hero throughout the campaign did not like it. The user of Reddit with the nickname star621 was one of the first to notice theending .

She said that, playing for Cassandra, she had always tried to refuse the opportunity to have an affair with Natakas, the son of Darius.

According to star621, she was outraged not only by the inability to influence the development and orientation of her own character, but also by the fact that the developers filed this plot twist as the moment of “maturing” of the main character.

Making your first playable female character in the series start a child is sexism. Of course, she cannot be a mercenary and a fighter, she must become a mother.

Moreover, they also called the achievement “Growing Up”. Just because the heroine allowed some guy to knock herself up. This is even more sexism.star621reddit user

She was also offended that prior to release, Ubisoft placed such emphasis on RPG elements and ample opportunities for wagering, but “took it away” from the players after they bought and completed the main game.

Ubisoft gave ohrenet a great importance to the fact that we can choose the sexual orientation of the hero. This was part of their advertising campaign. They used obvious lies to sell the game.

Lesbians do not fall in love with men and do not have sex with them (except for those who hide their orientation and do everything to survive). We do not flirt with men, do not grieve, do not piss on them when they leave.

Yes, I have male friends – some of them have moved somewhere, some have died. Yes, I miss them unbearably. But precisely because they were my friends.star621reddit user

The owner noted that she herself is a lesbian. And it upsets her when the authors of any works of art show that sexual orientation can be “corrected”.

The girl often faced with such an attitude in reality, and does not want these ideas to take root in popular culture and continue to spread. In her opinion, such thinking can only lead to discrimination and even more frequent cases of “corrective rape”.

In her post, star621 noted that she adheres to the rule “if you don’t like a game, film, magazine or album, don’t buy it”. But she could not know in advance that this would happen in the case of Odyssey.

I was not given the opportunity to give up the game, because I bought it, believing in advertising. And now I want to return my damn money, because of the deception I paid for what I consider immoral.


From this DLC, I was just waiting for a steep set of armor, but as a result I got a child and life with Natakas. I was really looking forward to the add-on itself and the New Game +. And they ruined everything. I want to wash, just play it.star621reddit user

Many players admitted that after the girl’s words, they no longer wanted to play in the second episode of Heritage of the First Blade. Most were disappointed by the fact that the choice in it did not affect the development of the plot and suggested that Ubisoft should not have added such mechanics to the game at all.

Honestly, it kills all my interest in the passage of the DLC.

I really do not want them to forcibly enter the romantic storyline. Still, before this game at least gave me the opportunity to avoid them.PantsuitEmporiumreddit user

Why plot the “fork” is not the place in the Assassin’s Creed series – the reason number 459.TheEldreddit user

I believe that Ubisoft is really worth doing full-fledged RPG with the ability to create a character and really interesting romantic lines for people of any preferences and orientation.

But, probably, Assassin’s Creed is not the best franchise to start experimenting with it.Lacrossedeamonreddit user

However, some have noticed that the rest of the Odyssey campaign was almost as linear.

I understand what the claim is, but it seems to me strange to expect that the development of the plot should always depend on the decisions of the player.

As long as there are scenes in games, there will be such garbage over and over again.Vincent graysonResetEra user

Have you ever played a campaign? Almost all serious plot twists happen exactly as it should “according to the canon”.

For example, you can not save Febu. We only influence the little things here, like the sepia filter on the island with training. Or whether the NPC survives, which is important only for a single quest.FieserMoepreddit user

Although there were those who took the plot additions solely as an insult to the LGBT community.

Hooray, romance as a “must”. Is this a David Cage game?

Jim Sterling will say thanks for the idea for the next video. Let Ubisoft roll on *** – either cut it in a patch, or offer a refund.MinusTydusResetEra user

So far, the developers have not responded to the claims. Players doubt that Ubisoft will listen to complaints and decide to seriously rework the plot, as this may require too much effort and resources.

The third and final episode of the supplement will be released in March 2019.


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