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The special forces robot delivered an American vape so that it would not commit arson

The future has come. At least, such an impression can arise if you find out about the opposition of Juan Roman, the police and the special forces unit with the robot. The man quarreled with the staff of the gas station because of problems with the column, gradually a skirmish turned into a serious conflict, after which the disgruntled 40-year-old American was on the trading floor with a gas canister.

Here he spilled fuel and tried to set fire to the trading floor. Sanjiv Kumar, an employee of this station, told a local press later. Fortunately, gasoline did not catch fire, and Roman set off from the scene in his pick-up truck in the direction of another gas station, where police called by Kumar arrived.


Special forces were also called here, as there were suspicions that Juan Roman was armed and dangerous. This was followed by a 6-hour negotiations with the participation of the robot. He first gave the man, who was in his car, a mobile phone to communicate with the negotiator. Roman agreed to surrender, but asked for a cigarette. The police, concerned that a man could set himself on fire, handed him an electronic steam generator.

Juan Roman, as promised, surrendered, there were no weapons with him. He was charged with vandalism and attempted arson.


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