Streamer Summit1G bypassed Ninja by the number of subscribers on Twitch thanks to Sea of Thieves

According to the website Twitch Stats, which tracks the number of people with a paid subscription to a particular channel, the Summit1G streamer managed to bypass Ninja and climb to the first line of the overall rating.

The most remarkable thing here is that Summit1G achieved such a result by playingSea of ​​Thieves regularly , while Ninja and Shroud following him devote time to the more popular Fortnite and PUBG.

Summit1G over the past month also periodically switched to other games, like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Atlas, but very rarely.

The number of subscribers on a paid scheme on Twitch is constantly changing, and it is possible that Ninja can eventually regain the lead.


It is also worth remembering that sites like Twitch Stats display statistics with minor errors, since the streaming service does not officially cover paid subscriptions.

Looking at free subscriptions, Ninja is far ahead with more than 13 million people on its channel, while only 3.5 million people follow Summit1G.

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