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Russian clone LinkedIn finalized for $ 5.3 million

In Russia, they are trying to create their own LinkedIn – with a job search and modern design. According to the announced plans, the state portal, launched in 2009, which posted vacancies from employment services, was taken as the basis of the site. In 2015, it was restarted; regional ratings and additional features appeared.

According to RBC, in March 2018 a new section appeared on the portal – the all-Russian social network of business contacts.

The project is planned to be developed at the expense of budget funds. 360 million Russian rubles will be spent on work (about $ 5.3 million at the current exchange rate). The money will be used for redesign, expansion of communication tools, integration with the state resource “Reference book of professions”, modernization of the mobile application, collection of analytics, introduction of big data, personal accounts and machine learning technologies.


Some representatives of the online recruitment market in Russia are taking the initiative with caution.


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