Parallel streaming of music on the iPhone and HomePod turned out to be a bug, not a “feature”

The owners of the Apple HomePod have discovered that now they cannot simultaneously listen to different songs through a smart speaker and iPhone, if both devices work with the same Apple ID account. Technical support experts reported that it was not a feature of the device, but a bug – and it has already been fixed.


The advantage of this scheme of work was to save: you could use one Apple ID without activating a family account in Apple Music. Previously, there was no official mention of such a feature of HomePod, but users decided that it was a peculiar feature of a smart speaker. In fact, playing different tracks on two devices through one account – a bug that Apple paid off.

HomePod column arrived last February. It is equipped with a voice assistant Siri, which recognizes a rather abstract requests for compositions. For example, you can say something like “Siri, turn on something relaxing” – and the device will select the appropriate track.


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