A young guy ripped a new iPad Pro in half

A well-known video blogger from the channel JerryRigEverything gave his own strength test for the new iPad Pro . Alas, the gadget did not pass it.

Initially, he checked how scratch-resistant the back panel of the tablet was. The bottom line is:

Yes, the usual office knife can work wonders. A spiderman suddenly appeared on the back of the device. In just a couple of minutes of “loosing.”

But that’s not all. If you thought (like me) that the iPad Pro is hard to break – you were wrong. It is enough to accidentally sit on it.

The blogger didn’t even bother to break the tablet in half. Just pressed a little. The weak part was the zone with the magnetic panel for charging the Apple Pencil. It was from there that the crack went through the whole body.


In general, the iPad Pro 2018 is best to try to do as carefully as possible. Since it turned out to be very sensitive to both pressure and scratches.


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